Transport & Logistics Services

Welcome to Vertizz Transport and Logistics Services, your best choice in logistics and transport services. We provide the most innovative solution using the hands on the job. We also apply some modern-day technology purposely developed to bring solutions to the logistics and transport sector. There are many similarities; for example, our transport department still offers many other logistics management services that require the full participation of the transport section.

We are not new in this business; we have been in operation for a year, providing services for the teeming clients, delivering all parcels to their right destinations, and one time at a very moderate cost. In Vertizz, we don't just do business with our customers, we build connections, making it look like a "master-errand boy" scenario – yes, we are your errand boys, tell us where you want it delivered! We don't just help businesses deliver these parcels; we make ourselves part of their supply chain, directly creating uncommon value for these businesses.

We deliver services with absolute professionalism, with the help of these logistics technology designed to work with powerful trade intelligence that covers a wide network range. We make use of cloud-based technology to augment our supply chain management activities. We have one of the most dedicated staff who is well experienced in the transport and logistics business. They are the reason for our rapidly growing transport and logistics service section in Vertizz. Due to some parcels' delicate nature, we provide storage facilities for them making sure they maintain their original statues till their delivery date.
We take note of different types of goods: Chemical Goods, Beverage, and Food, Retail Goods, e.t.c; we take nit of each good and give them the necessary needed attention to ensure their safe delivery.

We also offer Contract logistics which specializes in offering private delivery services via all channels of transportation, namely: air, land, sea, or land. We deliver these parcels safely to their various destinations, safe and timely, no matter how fragile. Our professional experience can be traced to Cargo tracking, “fast but smooth parcel delivery”, and door-to-door service delivery. We have what it takes to manage all logistics and transport services in such a way that it reaffirms customers of our professional expertise while maintaining the best industry standard. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and let us give you a whole new transport and logistics service experience like you have never seen before. You are welcome!

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