Testing & QA

Software testing is an integral part of software development; it exposes the newly developed software's loopholes in any software. It provides stakeholders with the right data as to the quality of their software products. And that's what we do here at Vertizz; we help customers conduct a Testing & QA procedure on their newly developed software to ascertain its proficiency. We offer this service to developers to provide them with clear objectives, workings, and independent software opinions. That way, they can clearly understand the complete functionality of their package.

Our test techniques will help you discover bugs, errors, or any form of defects. It allows developers to execute software and system components in other to access the number of properties of interest. The testing & QA procedure is done in phases and happens after a system requirement has been determined and implemented in testable programs.

We perform Unit testing: a type of testing given to a software to determine the functionality of its particular section of code. The unit testing procedure also involves synchronizing a larger spectrum error detection strategy to minimize risks associated with software development. Clients who seek to perform a Testing & QA are expected to see their software packages undergo a static code analysis, peer code reviews, metrics analysis, and code coverage analysis.

We also perform an integration testing: a type of testing that verifies a software component interface against the software's original design. While in this process, software components are integrated into an iterative pattern. This type of testing helps locate the interface faster and get it fixed ASAP.

Here in Vertizz, it is our duty to provide you with the best software experience, and we are committed to giving you anything less. You are welcome.

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