We are your best bet when it comes to delivering quality telecommunications services that offer users the best data service and quality voice communication. Other services include television, internet, networking for homes and businesses, e.t.c. But mind you, these services may differ according to your geography. This is because some geographies lack what it takes to handle some of these services. But that is not a problem; there is something for everyone, that a location cannot accommodate certain services doesn't mean that another cannot fit in; here in Vertizz, we have something for everybody.

From the way we designed our services, the UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications services) is highly prioritized. Our UMTS is designed with a security feature from the Global System for Mobile, which has been improved over time, guaranteeing a compatible GSM system that eases handoff and network the UMTS and GSM. We have also introduced some security features in the UMTS section, which has the power to correct problems related to GSM services by addressing the actual and the suspected security lapses. But we don't stop there; we introduce newer security features, updating it with more relevant services as the technology evolves.

Our Fixed-data services involve all private and dedicated lines, circuit-switch services like IP, DSL, frame relay, e.t.c, and packet. There is no difference in the type of application or traffic offered by these services in this service. Every transmission, fax, videos, image, and non-voice data can be carried by these services whether or not the format's source is digital or analog.

Here in Vertizz, we make sure that all the revenues that reflect each service providers annualize retail revenue and paid for by companies and other final consumers of this service, but note that no revenue or carrier-to-carrier revenue is involved. Our fixed-voice services reflect all the services sold to the end- user, including long-distance services related to connection fees and rental/subscription. This goes to improve services like voice services, the transmission of fax and data over a circuit-switched PSTN, and retail voice.

Our mobile telecom services are the most sorted after; we create the most affordable data plan for users while maintaining excellent service delivery in SMS charges and telephone call charges. Also, note that connection charges are included in these categories as well. So, make that wise choice giving us a call today for your telecommunication solution.

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