Portfolio-Media & Entertainment

We are specialists in entertainment promotion; our team has what it takes to engage each client in an intensive entertainment promotion using our four-step working tool: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, and Direct Marketing. Our advertising system enables each product under our care to reach every household that lives entertainment. We make use of advertising instruments like mission, measurement, money, and Media. These tools are used to reinforce, persuade, and inform our client base thus, retaining them for another circle of ads.

Then we have the educational app that comes in as a hybrid app. We create these apps that use multiple website platforms like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. This kind of apps is often website applications with native wrapper, meaning that they have similar characteristics with the native type of app. With the type of technology in our possession, creating Hybrid, multiple platform apps are easier and faster to develop and is also cheaper to maintain. We can also include useful API tools like geolocation, accelerometer, and gyroscope to guarantee it's efficiency. This app is most recommended for educators, because of it's a low cost, and easy- to-maintain nature characteristics. We use promotion as an incentive tool to drive short term product sales, which is how we push these products directly to the customers where ever they are in the world. Because this is an entertainment product, we try to keep it simple when distributing incentives like free trials, demonstrations, coupons, and samples. We also make use of trade shows, competition, and convention on salespeople. In all, the type of strategy used in the Entertainment and Media section of Vertizz is guaranteed to generate the best conversion on your Entertainment and Media produces.

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