We are specialists in the educational app; we can design an educational app using Native apps format. This app can runs on Android on Java, Windows Phone on Net, and iOS on Objective-C or Swift. It is sharable, updatable, and work seamlessly with even none mobile platforms that still have the same specification as the mobile. The advantage of the native app it's high user experience, thus, can work with a wide range of APIs that has no boundary on its usage.

Then we have the educational app that comes in as a hybrid app. We create these apps that use multiple website platforms like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. This kind of apps is often website applications with native wrapper, meaning that they have similar characteristics with the native type of app. With the type of technology in our possession, creating Hybrid, multiple platform apps are easier and faster to develop and is also cheaper to maintain. We can also include useful API tools like geolocation, accelerometer, and gyroscope to guarantee it's efficiency. This app is most recommended for educators, because of it's a low cost, and easy- to-maintain nature characteristics.

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