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Avoiding the Pitfalls in Outsourcing Software Development

With ever-enhancing globalization and ever-increasing advancements in technology, most of the top IT consulting companies in Belarus find it increasingly challenging to create an entire spectrum of a software solution in-house. They are usually compelled to bring new products to the market, maintain a competitive advantage by improving customer service, and optimize their operational efficiency.

The solution to all the challenges is pretty simple: bring onboard the right team of software developers who will not only ensure the quality of the end product, but also focus on your overall business goals. As Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Modern Singapore, once said: “If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you are putting yourself out of business.” We cannot agree more with this.

Outsourcing your software development process makes more sense than hiring in-house employees. Unless you need a dedicated team of programmers for ongoing work, there is not always a need for hiring internal employees.

Sometimes, the wisest decision for your business is to outsource software development allowing you to focus on the core strategies. Your outsourcing partner can inject your project with expertise and collective skills gathered from previous projects and clients, thereby helping to overcome different challenges.

top IT consulting companies in Belarus

There are plenty of ways in which you can outsource including:

  • Partner with a company close to yours to enable regular face to face meetings.
  • Contract developers from outside the company to augment your internal team for a specific project.
  • Outsourcing to a remote location.
  • Work with a worldwide, remote team.

No matter what type of outsourcing you find to be the best fit for your business, there are numerous pitfalls that people unknowingly fall into, especially if they have little to no experience of the process.

Here are some of the biggest potential pitfalls when considering a custom software development company for outsourcing.

1. Making the price the most significant point of cons246ideration

When you chat with different companies and give them an outline of your project, ask them for time and budget estimates. Once you receive the quotes, you may think of going with the cheapest quote. This is never the wisest strategy. Instead, review each of the proposals; compare the similarities and differences. If you choose the cheapest estimate, you are most likely to bring onboard a company whose proposal contains less information than their counterparts. Use thorough research and better judgement instead of keeping the cost in mind.

2. Choosing a vendor without any reference check or thorough market research

The worst mistake you can make when choosing a software development company is not inve475stigating the market. Thorough research will help you understand what is available and matches your project type. Having an insight into the leading vendors and agencies, as well as the services they offer, will help with the decision-making process. Pay attention to other factors such as distance, language, culture barriers and time zone. All these factors can help in choosing the best vendor among the top IT consulting companies in Belarus. Before you decide on a software vendor to partner with you, ensure your requirements coincide perfectly with your goals.

3. Absence of technical personnel from your side

Whatever your reason for outsourcing software development, you are still going to be the main stakeholder and decision-maker of the project. You need to consider whether the technical skills you are paying for are well-balanced with your business objectives. If the total absence of a software development team is your main reason for outsourcing, you will be in need of a technical guy who is able to monitor the project better by seeing through the technical details.

4. Having little to no knowledge about software quality indicators

No one expects you to be a software expert but the least you can do for your business is to have a little bit of an understanding about a few of the markers of software quality. It will help you assess the quality of your project. Software quality is gauged by certain aspects, such as how easy the code is for other developers to build on in the future or how few bugs there are in the project.

Here are a few things to look for in your outsourcing partner:

  • Using pair-programming;
  • Using testing frameworks; and
  • Using diagrammatic system plans for the initial design.

Wrapping it up

Outsourcing can be a successful process if appropriately pursued. Avoiding these pitfalls will help towards a successful outcome. In the way you wouldn’t want a builder to build your house without conforming to construction safety standards, the same goes with building your software. Working on avoiding these pitfalls can be a fast, cost-effective measure.

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