Elevate your business to the next level using our OTT platform services. The effectiveness of the OTT media cannot be overemphasized, it’s usefulness has been proven for decades, and has since converted leads, much more than the traditional methods. The effectiveness of an average top-performing OTT depends on the creativity, clarity, and sharpness it comes with.

OTT has been designed in such a that it can perform in virtually every platform, and can be used on both live streaming and on-demand visual products. OTT as you know it supersedes a wave of television services that offer access to live streaming of special channels synonymous to a cable TV provider but streamed over the public Internet unlike what you have in a closed, private network.

Here in Vertizz, we can provide you with the best OTT media services that run on all the video related domains like IPTV, mobile video, VR and 360° video, gaming consoles, STBs, and smart TV platforms. We are much confident in helping businesses drive growth, which is why we have employed the services of the best hands in OTT media technology to help businesses design, envision, and drive the most innovative video solutions for maximum impact. We are also very much involved in providing OTT development and consulting services for both B2C and B2B companies from around the world. Some of our reputable clients include:

  • Telecoms companies
  • Platform vendors
  • Education Providers
  • Broadcasters
  • MVPDs and MSOs
  • Video game publishers, e.t.c.



The secret of coming with the best OTT media service is understanding your client’s business. This is why we have employed the services of business managers to assist our designers in every step; our team works in synergy to create a perfect outcome for every client. We work hand in hand with our business department, from the ingestion of the video to the monetization, and management. Also, get ready to tap from our top OTT messaging services which gives you the opportunity to start-up a conversation using an instant messaging tool or app (as the case may be). This service has automatically replaced the traditional text messaging usually sent on an Internet-connected smartphones. Some of these OTT messaging services include WeChat, FaceTime, Telegram, Skype, and Viber. The world is indeed changing, and businesses are striving to change with it, thus, those who slacks behind will be submerged by the fierce competition. So, why don’t you give us a call today, and let’s make your OTT service experience a memorable one.



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